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are a great way to create intimate seating arrangements.  They can also introduce drama with daring shapes, sizes and color combinations to dominate a room.

The 140 Curved Sectional with chaise, is shown with LAF 1-arm loveseat, curve, armless loveseat, and RAF 1-arm chaise.

Overall dimensions:  100" x 137"


L-shaped sectional created by using a 140  sofa and either a left or right 1-arm loveseat.

Overal dimensions: 102" x 102"

The 450 sectional features a transitional L-shaped sectional with pyramid legs.  Created by using a 450 corner sofa and either a left or right one-arm loveseat.  

Overall dimensions:  92" x 99"

450Sectional copy.jpg

Traditional curve sectional features one right arm loveseat, one left arm loveseat, and a curve seat.

Overall Dimensions: 101" x 101"


Modest variations from the listed dimensions can occur with custom upholstered pieces.

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